dilluns, 29 de juny del 2020

EUROPEAN SPECIAL PRIZE for the project " let's celebrate a zero waste Christmas"

" Let's celebrate a Zero Waste Christmas"

We are proud and happy to say that our project is the WINNER.

It has been awarded because of the good visibility and communication, for the quality of the content , the originality and exemplarity and for the impact and follow-up!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants, specially the students who are the real protagonists of this story. They will become our future citizens and will ACT in a sustainable way to make a better world.

Proud of all the amazing SDGs Actions! TEAM of teachers, who are working cooperatively, with enthusiasm and compromise to change the world!

We highly reached our goal: to learn about SDG 12: Responsible consumption and spread the message all over our school communities and the whole Europe!

We strongly believe on this quote:

" Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I understand"

THANK YOU EWWR organization, thank you teachers, thank you students who made this project come true!

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